Bat Removal Services

Bats B Gone is an experienced bat removal company that specializes in freeing your residential or commercial property of bats. With over 9 years of practices we have the knowledge and proven methods to make the process go smoothly. We strive to inform our customers of the process.

Fort Wayne Indiana Area

Bats B Gone is a family run business, serving the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, with years of experience removing bats from residential and commercial buildings. Allow our experience to assist you with your bat problem. You’re in good hands with our expert bat removal service team.

NWCOA Bat Standards Certified


Family Run Business

Bats B Gone is a small family run business. Our goal is to humanely remove bats from your home while providing outstanding customer service. We have years of experience with bats, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, etc. but now specialize in just dealing with bats.

What We Do

Figure out where the bats are getting in.
Come up with a plan to exclude them and keep them out.
Cleanup after them.
Honor our warranty.

We have the bats best interest in mind meaning we do not harm them in any way.


Pauline & Galen Miller | Bats B Gone